We're a Different Kind of Mattress Company

Our Formula is Simple: Trust > Profits

Our Story

Our story is very simple - we decided to build a mattress company that will be honest & transparent with their customers, and serve them unselfishly.

For a long time, big mattress retailers, driven by cheesy salespeople, have enjoyed fat margins and questionable business practices. That all changed with the advent of bed-in-a-box. Suddenly, customers were able to skip the middleman and buy a mattress directly from the manufacturer.

While this was definitely a step in the right direction, we felt like something was missing.

That something is transparency.

You see, while you can now buy a mattress directly from a manufacturer, you still don’t know what is happening behind the scenes. You don’t know what the markup on a mattress is, where exactly the mattress was made, etc.

We decided to change all that and become a different kind of mattress company - one you can trust and be proud of doing business with.

As a result, we became the first mattress company in the world to offer transparent pricing to our customers. We reveal our costs behind all of our mattresses (material, labor, transportation, etc), and then offer them to you, because we believe you have the right to know how much your mattress cost to make.

Our Values

We’re a for-profit company with a non-profit heart.

Apart from being radically honest with our customers by providing them with transparent pricing on all our mattresses, we also believe in doing good.

To that end, our mission is to donate mattresses to various organizations and homeless shelters in our communities. Some of our most recent donations are to a church in our community, as well as to St. Vincent de Paul in Northern Kentucky

Our Team

We’re all extremely passionate about making a positive difference in this world and putting a genuine smile on our customer’s faces.

If you’re interested in joining our mission and value-driven team, we would love to hear from you.

Stan Oleynik

Co-founder of Comfy

A Word From the Founder

I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was 6, when I was trying to sell apples that fell on our kitchen roof from a neighbor’s apple tree. 30 years later and I still enjoy selling, only this time it's a product people sleep on, instead of the one they eat :)

My co-founder and I wanted to re-invent and re-imagine the mattress buying experience online, and that’s how Comfy Mattress was born. We were inspired by an online clothing store called Everlane that prides itself on radical transparency, and we wanted to bring the same level of transparency to the mattress industry.

Our mission is to be a mattress company you can trust and be proud of doing business with. We spend about one-third of our life sleeping, so why not do it on a mattress that has your back?

From our covers to the foam inside your mattress, we use only the highest quality materials and ingredients. All our mattresses are proudly manufactured in the USA. Check out the video above to see how our mattresses are made in our manufacturing facility in Columbus, MS.

Our Covers

Our covers are specially formulated to remove heat and ensure that you sleep cool. When people touch it for the first time, they are genuinely surprised at how cool the cover feels.

Our Foam

From our top graphite-infused foam layer, to our support foam base, we use only the best ingredients in our foam. In fact, we only use US-made CertiPUR-US® foam in all of our mattresses.

Our Manufacturing

All Comfy mattresses are made-to-order from our manufacturing facility in Columbus, MS. Most of the time, the mattress is made within 1-2 business days after you order it, and is shipped shortly thereafter.

All Comfy Mattresses are Proudly Made in the USA

Both Comfy Standard and Comfy Premium are proudly Made in the USA. Even though it would be cheaper to make them elsewhere, we made the decision to manufacture our mattresses right here, in the US, to support American jobs and American workers. Get your Comfy Mattress now and support American-made manufacturing.

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