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Featured Questions

+ How long before I should open the box?

Your Comfy Mattress is built and shipped within 1-2 business days (excluding holidays) of when you order it. From that day, we recommend holding it no more than three months in the box. Of course, you’ll want to open it up as soon as it arrives, but we understand sometimes you need to get a good friend to help you get it down the hall. Don’t wait too long, though! After 6 months, there may be trouble with the mattress reinflating, which could cause your warranty to be void.

+ How long before my Comfy reinflates?

If your Comfy arrives in chillier weather (subzero temps. Brrr... ) it could take up to 24 hours to completely be reinflated. Typically though, your Comfy will be ready to sleep on within 10 - 20 minutes.

+ What type of fire safety is included on my mattress?

The Comfy Mattress has a FR Sock on it that is made of some cool ingredients, that don’t include fiberglass. Don’t worry.

+ What’s off gassing?

Once your Comfy is open, you might smell the ingredients in the foam as it decompresses. Rest assured, these are not toxic chemicals in any way. This is called off gassing, and it happens when products made out of polyurethane are stuck in a tiny space for a while. The air should clear in a few minutes. Sometimes it could take a little longer, but generally it’ll clear nicely. If it bothers you, go ahead and let it sit in a well ventilated area for a little bit.

+ Refolding or compressing

Once your Comfy Mattress has been decompressed, it would take 10,000 lbs of pressure to get it back into a vacuum packed plastic bag and into the box. It’d be neat, but it probably can’t be done from home. Once it’s open, it’s there to stay.

+ Flipping & rotating your Comfy

Your Comfy Mattress is able to rotate and we recommend doing that each season.

+ Weight limits

The Comfy Mattress will hold up to 650 pounds distributed, provided it is on a proper base.

+ Mattress specs

The Comfy Mattress box is 19x19x43 inches. Each size varies in weight.

+ Base requirements, adjustable frames, foundations, etc.

It’s best to put your Comfy Mattress on a foundation with slats that are no more than 3 inches apart. A solid base foundation will work great. Keep in mind that a plastic base with no airflow, is not recommended. You want your Comfy to be well ventilated and allow air to move through it as much as possible. We definitely don’t recommend putting the mattress on the floor (though it will work), but don’t put it on concrete. One day we’ll show you pictures of why that’s a bad idea. This will also void your warranty. Your Comfy will work just fine on an adjustable base.

+ Where is the mattress made?

Our mattress is made in Northern Mississippi. Our covers are put together in Indiana. Our other products are made both in and outside of the US. We know this is an important topic, so we made sure that our primary products are made in the US. We are working hard to bring everything else we offer into the US as well.

+ Try it for 150 nights? What’s that mean?

If you give your Comfy a whirl and after a few weeks (or months!) decide it’s just not the one, reach out to us within 150 days for a pick up. We’ll come and get the mattress from you and refund you as soon as we receive pick up confirmation, usually within 1 – 2 b. days.

+ Trial Period

If anything goes wrong with your Comfy, or it starts sagging, let us know pronto! We work hard to make sure it’s perfect every time and we want to know if something made it out the door in any way less than perfect. We’ll replace the mattress after the 150 night trial period, and if it’s before your 150 nights, we’ll pick it up and offer a refund if you’d prefer.

+ Changing my address

If your Comfy hasn’t shipped, we can change the address no problem. Once your Comfy has shipped, changing the shipping address really is a headache. It can be done in major emergencies, but not always. Sometimes FedEx or UPS is just too fast. You can give us a jingle to see if we can do it, but we can’t promise that it’ll be successful. There is an additional charge of $20 for changing addresses post order placement.

+ Shipping internationally

We’d love to be able to ship internationally, but we don’t currently offer it.

+ Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii

While we’d love to be able to, we just can’t ship to Alaska or Hawaii right now.

+ Shipping & Tracking

It takes 1 - 2 b. days for your Comfy Mattress to be built and shipped (excluding holidays)! After it is shipped, see the map below for exact shipping times. You'll get a shipping confirmation email once our manufacturer hands it off to FedEx, where you can track your mattress right to your door. Keep in mind that the first 24 hours there won't be anything exciting happening to your tracking number, and check back after then. During that time FedEx is taking it to their facility for sorting and it won't get scanned in until the next day.

Find out when your FedEx Home Delivery Shipment will be scheduled for delivery by looking at the following graphic:

+ Is a signature required for delivery?

We do not require a signature for a delivery, however, it is up to the driver’s discretion on whether or not he feels safe leaving the package at the shipping address. Sometimes, if you have a lobby for instance, the driver may deem it better not to leave it unattended. However, if you have a front porch, he may leave it there for you. It is up to his discretion and he will leave a call tag if a re-attempt is necessary, or you may need to call FedEx.

+ Returns

We offer a 150-night trial to try Comfy Premium.

If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied before your trial runs out, please get in touch with Comfy Support, and we’ll issue you a refund, no questions asked.

+ Payments & Financing

We currently offer financing with our partner Affirm. If you're interested in purchasing a mattress via Affirm, simply select "Affirm" on the Checkout page and follow the instructions.

+ Free pillows

You’ll receive two free standard pillows inside your Comfy Mattress. If you love them, we do offer them for sale on our website. If you don’t love them, a friend or family member might be thrilled to have them!

+ Cleaning your cover

Your Comfy Mattress cover can be spot cleaned with upholstery cleaner and an appropriate brush or cloth. While we have seen it work out ok, it doesn’t always work in a washer and dryer and we’d hate to see your cover get ruined. Best to stick with spot cleaning and also avoid voiding the warranty.

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